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Monday, October 12, 2009

Charles Hamilton - This Perfect Life (Album Review)

Charles Hamilton has had a controversial rise to fame since he start pumping out mixtapes back in 2006. Charles is unique in that he raps as well produces his own music. He mostly samples other songs to make his beats and sometimes gets criticized for doing so. I usually download his mixtapes for the simple fact that he is doing things differently. His mixtapes can range in quality, but lately I have only really liked a track or two from each because he can get carried away on some different shit. However, This Perfect Life (which has just gotten shelved), is miles better than his average mixtapes. It’s been in heavy rotation for a bout a week now. I cant get enough of it. The album is filled with strange concepts, personal honesty, and some very dynamic rapping. This album should also be evaluated from a production standpoint and from that angle it is what I always wanted from him. Charles uses his choppy sampling technique to perfection by sampling some classic tracks like Tom’s Diner. He raps tight the whole time and was dynamic throughout the album. He even showed that he can rap with an up-tempo style such as on All Alone and Baby. This album is very consistent and flows well all the way through. It definitely rejuvenated my interest in him. The standout tracks were Three Pound Bullet, Ghosts (sick sample), All Alone, Cable in the Classroom, Baby, Tears of Fire, and Rosado, 4.25/5.

1. “Barbara Walters” - “Geronimo” by The Shadowsimage
2. “Three Pound Bullet” - “Street Player” by Chicago
3. “Ghosts” - “Tom’s Diner” by Susan Vega
4. “Post Lynching Ceremony” - “Persuader’s Theme” by John Barry
5. “All Alone” - NO SAMPLE
6. “Cable in the Classroom” - “To the Other Man” by Luther Ingram (originally heard in “Gobstopper” on “Donuts”)
7. “Baby” - “Super Sonic” by Zodiac
8. “Reminder” - NO SAMPLE
9. “Tears of Fire” - “I Come Undone” by Jennifer Rush
10. “Long Socks” - “The Mess We’re In” by PJ Harvey
11. “Rosado”- “Kiss of Life” by Sade

Charles Hamilton - This Perfect Life Direct Download


  1. I'm sorry but interscope was stupid for shelving this project. Unlike all these other dumb rappers yapping their shit this album really is a classic. The best release by miles from all the xxl freshman. This has been on repeat for a while on my ipod/itunes

  2. "Reminder"... so deep

  3. I just want to say that since this album Charles has truly gone down the shitter. I don't think I've enjoyed a track since. It's so crazy what this industry does to some artists.